MindMaster Review – Will it Help You Achieve Your Goals?

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Tony Dosanjh created the Mindmaster program. It is said to be completely unique, and the fact that it was created by the world renowned mind expert says a lot. The course works with subliminal messaging, which is something that has fascinated many for years. We know that the media have used this to influence consumer behavior, but it seems Tony has managed to turn it into something more positive, more helpful. But does his program work? Can we really change our lives positively through the mind? I decided to give the program a try.

MindMaster ProgramUnderstanding Subliminal Messages

Whether or not subliminal messages work is still not proven scientifically one way or the other. However, considering that some of the world’s biggest brands have used them for years, it seems that popular opinion sways towards the “yes it works” more than not. However, if they do work, then it stands to reason that you have to first believe they do yourself – mind over matter. Within your subconscious, you will immediately reject anything that goes against your own values. This is why some people cannot be hypnotized. Hence, you have to first accept that subliminal messages can help you. You must go into the program with the right intentions in order to be successful.

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About Mindmaster

Mindmaster is a piece of software, which works on your subconscious mind. It helps you to reap the benefits of changing the way you feel about things. You need to watch your screen, listening to the messages and music. Mindmaster has several different parts, meaning that users can really experience very rapid changes. The package is full of music, messages and images and each of these allow your mind and your subconscious to come together. You do have to watch the images in order to get all the benefits, although you could also choose to have the music and sounds running in the background as you go about your day. What makes Mindmaster different to others is that you don’t have to do anything other than watch or listen.

Thoughts create your futureThe Topics in Mindmaster

Through Mindmaster, you can access a range of different topics. There are so many that you can truly achieve anything you want in your life. Some of the most popular topics in the program include stopping smoking, losing weight, reducing pain, improving IQ and memory, gaining confidence, dealing with fears and earning more money. These are topics that you will find in all subliminal messages available on the market, but Mindmaster has added a number of more original ones as well. For instance, you can learn to enhance your intuition or have more faith. You will find that these topics are fantastic to really give you a more complete, positive outlook on life and on yourself.

The goal of the program is to enrich the user’s life to the fullest, rather than only focusing on specific parts. As such, this is the program that will really change your life. One of the things I personally loved most about this program is that you can even have your own subliminal message, customized to your own needs. This way, if you have any specific areas of your life that you want changing, you can work on that straight away. For instance, you may want to earn money, lose weight, deal with a specific fear and boost your confidence. Rather than needing separate programs for each of these, you can customize Mindmaster to your own needs, so that the subliminal messages that are created work specifically on your issues. In doing so, you can also create a play list of your own. This means that you don’t have to deal with the parts of the program that you feel are not applicable to you and your life (although it is likely that you will still give them a go once you notice the fantastic benefits of the parts you have used).

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MindMaster ReviewThe Results

The exact results depend entirely on how you approach the program. You have to be open to change and your own personal experiences, desires and expectations are very important. I found that I started to notice results within two weeks, which seems to be the general consensus. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work before that, but rather it takes that long for you to actually notice the changes.

What I did notice was that the changes became increasingly noticeable as I kept using the program. The changes became stronger and were reinforced again and again. Mindmaster itself has said that major goals should be achieved within a year, although many people claim that it went much quicker than that.

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What I Like

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What I Don’t Like

  • The scientific evidence into subliminal messaging is still very much lacking. However, considering how long it has been used and the results that companies like Coca Cola have experienced, and the fact that these messages can now no longer be used in advertising, I feel that subliminal messaging must work. That, and the fact that I have noticed the results myself.
  • Will not work for everybody. Unless you are going in accepting that these programs can be beneficial, you will subconsciously resist it.

Mind Master PackThe Verdict

Let’s be honest, we all want to change something in our lives. It could be anything from being a better parent to being a better Christian, from losing weight to stopping smoking, from spending less money to reading more books. Actually achieving these changes is incredibly difficult, we are stuck in our own ways and don’t know of any way out. Mindmaster can help with this. You are the one making the change, but the program will steer you in the needed direction. I fully recommend this program.

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